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Although Baraq Ali Ubaid is young, she has suffered a lot of trauma and hardship in her life. Her father was a truck driver that was killed by terrorists. Four months later, the grandfather caring for her was killed. Sadly, her father's family and her mother had an intense court battle for custody of Baraq and her five sisters. Her mother lost the case due to insufficient medical reports saying she had a mental disorder. However, Baraq's mother did not give up. After a tough fight in court, her mother regained custody of Baraq and her sisters.


نزحت  أم بشرى البالغه من العمر ٣٥ سنة من بيتها ومدينتها تل لعفر مع الآلاف من العوائل حزيران الماضي عندما تعرّضت مدينتهم لهجوم الدواعش. عانت أم بشرى الكثير من المحن ولكن تعتبر نفسها محظوظه كونها استطاعت مغادرة المنطقة الحربية. تعتبر نفسها محظوظة لتحمّلها العطش والجوع والحر الشديد خلال فترة ال ٢٤ يوماً ماشية على أقدامها. شاهدت أم بشرى سفوط الكثير من الضحايا من الأهل والأصدقاء الذين لم يستطيعوا تحمّل ذاك الوضع المؤلم والمرهق للغاية. تسكن أم بشرى اليوم في مخيم النازحين وهي من اللّواتي يشكرن جهود وعناية مؤسسة الاغاثة والتنمية والمتبرعين لهذه المؤسسة لمساعدتها ومساعدة آلاف العوائل النازحة مثلها ب


Khadija is a 16-year-old refugee from Tal'afar, which is a city in Northern Iraq. This year she would have enrolled in the 11th grade. Khadija was an honor student last year and was looking forward to preparing for college. However, in June, she and her family had to flee her hometown as ISIS attacked and occupied it. Unfortunately, Khadija's brother was killed in the attack, and now she lives in a small refugee camp unit with 24 other family members.


In collaboration with the Lady Fatemah (A.S) Charitable Trust (LFCT) Foundation, a non-profit, faith-based humanitarian NGO in the United Kingdom, DRF distributed around 800 solar lights along with their panels and accessories to the local inhabitants in the southern marshlands. This joint mission, funded by LFCT and executed by DRF, took place in the marshlands of Nassiriyah and Basra provinces. The distribution benefited families that lack electricity and have a poor living condition.


I am a seventh grader at DRF's intermediate school. My name is Montathar Abed al-Rassol. My family and I lived in Diyalla, where my father worked and owned a shop. When I was child, I would spend a lot of time at his store. One day while I was sitting on his lap, a terrorist came into his shop and shot at us. My poor father was killed instantly, and I was injured. My mother remarried and moved to another city, so my three brothers and sister moved to Karbala to live with our uncle (may God bless him). He brought us to DRF’s school where the staff showed me tenderness and care.


Over 1.2 million Iraqis have been displaced. They have fled their homes with little to no possessions. Many have settle south of Baghdad. Thanks to its generous donors, Development and Relief Foundation has been able to provide some food, bedding, and most recently water, ice and thermoses. However, DRF would like to help more refugees and give more in-kind support. Below is a list of much-needed items. $1 will provide water for a family for a day. $25 will provide a food package for a family for a week. Donate generously at our donation page.