Al Salihat Girls Academy


Thirty-four percent of girls do not advance to secondary education according to Also, 30% of women are illiterate in Iraq. Development and Relief Foundation understands the importance of having an educated society, and DRF believes women play an important role in educating society. This is why we went to such great lengths here at the Development and Relief Foundation to ensure we could make an impact on the life of young women.

Al-Salihat Girls Academy started out as a dream, but eventually we purchased land, acquired permits, and laid the foundation for a new girl’s school, which opened in November 2014. A school which has the capability to educate over 400 young ladies from grade 7th to 12th. A majority of our students are orphans however there are a few exceptions of low-income advanced students which pass placement tests to attend Al-Salihat.

We would like to thank all the donors that have made this possible. Also, all donations made to Al-Salihat Girls Academy will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor!

As of September 2018, Al-Salihat Girls Academy teaches over 200 intelligent young women. Graduates of the school have been accepted at prestigious and advanced universities such as medical, pharmaceutical, dentistry and engineering schools.