Karbala Hospital

City of Karbala has a population of 900,000 residents. More than ten million visitors travel to the city every year. Healthcare facilities are not able to meet the demands as hospitals and clinics have deteriorated or lack basic equipment and supplies. Some Iraqis are able to travel abroad for medical care; however, most cannot afford to even seek services from private providers within Iraq’s borders. Therefore, DRF decided to undertake the responsibility of providing the city with a fully equipped and specialized hospital to meet the needs of the residents and visitors. In 2007, DRF started constructing an 8-story, 180-bed hospital in Karbala. When completed, it will have two cardiovascular surgery suites, two angio cath laboratories, an obstetrics/gynecological surgery suite, four general surgery corridors, an endoscopy unit, intensive care and coronary care units, an emergency room, a diagnostic laboratory, radiology center, and services in ophthalmology and pediatrics. Upon completion, Karbala Hospital will be able to medically serve a population of 3 million at an affordable cost and supply between 600 to 900 jobs. We are pleased to report these advancements in the Karbala Hospital project. Our vision of completing this hospital is close to being realized. With these partnerships, we hope to assist our first patients in one to two years. Your donation of any size can help Karbala Hospital provide much needed compassionate healthcare to Iraqis and visitors to Karbala. To learn more about Karbala Hospital, visit Karbala Hospital’s site www.karbalahospital.org.

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