Al Salihat Girls Academy

Your contribution will make an even bigger impact! All donations made to Al Salihat Girls Academy will be matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor! 

Thirty-four percent of girls do not advance to secondary education according to Also, 30% of women are illiterate in Iraq. Development and Relief Foundation understands the importance of having an educated society, and DRF believes women play an important role in educating society. For these reasons, Development and Relief Foundation purchased land, acquired permits, and laid the foundation for a new girl’s school, which opened in November 2014. This school has the capability to educated 400 students who are orphans or less fortunate grades 9th through 12th. We would like to thank all the donors that have made this possible.

We ask for help in this new endeavor. Below is a list of items needed for the girl's academy. Together, we can improve the lives of Iraqi children who have been through so much at a young age.     

Student Desks220$65
Chalk Boards26$125
Project/Data Show26$700
AC Unit (5 tons)10$1200
Wall-Mounted AC Unit36$650
Laboratory Equipment2$5,000
Water Fountains10$600
Kitchen Appliances1$12,500
Sound System3$1,200
Security and Cameras1$3,500
Water Treatment and Filter1$5,000
Power Generator 200 KVA1$25,000


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