Orphan School

Development and Relief Foundation’s orphan school concluded its sixth year. Sixty teachers and administrators serve an astounding four hundred and fifty boys and girls, grades first through ninth. Students study math, Arabic, English, science, history, and social studies Saturday through Thursday. What makes Development and Relief Foundation’s school so special? DRF has gone beyond the required curriculum by adding computer skills and physical education classes. One hundred percent of the students at DRF’s school pass their classes and graduate. In fact, the Iraqi Ministry of Education awarded DRF’s school with a certificate of appreciation for providing students with a quality education and a clean, secure environment. Development and Relief Foundation provides more than just an education. Food, clothing, supplies, and transportation are provided to all students. Iraqi families are facing dire economic times. Many are forced to have their children work in the streets as vendors selling items for a small profit. For that reason, the foster families of the orphans are given financial support to encourage them to keep the orphans in school. Donors from around the world make this success possible. DRF needs your help to continue and advance this success. Together, we can improve the lives of Iraqi children who have been through so much at a young age.

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