Finding Compassion at DRF’s Orphan School

I am a seventh grader at DRF’s intermediate school. My name is Montathar Abed al-Rassol. My family and I lived in Diyalla, where my father worked and owned a shop. When I was child, I would spend a lot of time at his store.

One day while I was sitting on his lap, a terrorist came into his shop and shot at us. My poor father was killed instantly, and I was injured. My mother remarried and moved to another city, so my three brothers and sister moved to Karbala to live with our uncle (may God bless him). He brought us to DRF’s school where the staff showed me tenderness and care. I do well in school, and I have made friends with others who can empathize with my life. I appreciate my sponsor because he is helping me reach my goal to be a professional and have a better life.