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Vision Statement

Delivering hope, education, and support services.


Mission Statement

Development and Relief Foundation’s mission is to bring healing and hope to broken hearts for a promising future by providing quality education to children, offering income-generating training for widows, distributing nourishing food to underserved families, sponsoring orphans and less fortunate children, and building a hospital with comprehensive and compassionate care.


Who We Are

Development and Relief Foundation is a charitable nonprofit organization classified as a public tax exempt charity in the USA under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS codes. 

Development and Relief Foundation was founded in 2004 following the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq.  The organization was founded on the belief that a quality education and a healthy community are essential parts in the process of building a democratic nation.  Also, it was founded on the belief that providing services to underserved, impoverished people is the responsibility of the global community.


What We Do And Who We Serve

Development and Relief Foundation strives to assist those that are less fortunate in Iraq. We provide quality education to orphan children and income-generating training for widows. In the community, Development and Relief Foundation attempts to increase the quality of health of the community by distributing nourishing food.  Also, in the near future, Development and Relief Foundation’s Karbala Hospital will provide comprehensive and compassionate care.