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Who We Are?

The Development and Relief Foundation, established in 2004, is an American charity dedicated to empowering communities through quality education and healthcare. We focus on uplifting orphans, widows, and the underserved in Iraq. With the conviction that education and health are pillars of nation-building, DRF is committed to providing essential relief services and fostering a sense of global responsibility in contributing to Iraq’s development and democratization. DRF accomplishes its goal through collaboration with an independent public charity in Iraq by the same name.
The Development and Relief Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization classified as a public tax-exempt charity in the USA under section 501c (3) of the IRS codes.


What We Do and Who We Serve?

Development and Relief Foundation strives to assist those who are less fortunate in Iraq. We provide grants along with training and consultation to DRF-Iraq. DRF accepts donations and contributions worldwide through its website, social media accounts, and by postal mail. Donations are used to fund the services outlined in the mission statement.


Vision Statement

Delivering Hope, Education, Healthcare, and Support Services.

Mission Statement

Development and Relief Foundation’s mission is to bring healing and hope to broken hearts, promising them a bright future by:

    Providing quality education to children.
    Offering income-generating training to widows.
    Offering income-generating training to widows.
    Distributing nourishing food to underserved families.
    Sponsoring orphans and less fortunate children.
    Distributing food, clothing, and blankets at refugee camps.
    Providing interest interest-freemicro/student loans.
    Providing healthcare services through Imam al-Hujjah Hospital.

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