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Commitment to Skills Development 

As DRF grows, so does our team of educators and hospital staff. To date, DRF-Iraq employs 776 individuals. In order to keep up with the many programs and initiatives of the DRF schools and hospitals, DRF provides education and training in order for staff to continue to develop their skills. We provide ongoing workshops and lectures for all teachers and administrators covering topics such as student development, how to handle hard situations, and the latest in teaching techniques.

Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital has made a qualitative shift in Iraq, particularly in the holy city of Karbala, where it has activated comparative medical seminars and lectures to spread medical awareness and develop the competencies of doctors and nurse professionals. In 2021, Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital held nearly 25 seminars and medical lectures lectured by clinicians and professors from Iraq and many other countries. The hospital also welcomed students from medical colleges and universities and allocated lectures and practical and qualitative training to develop their professional competencies and qualify them for the labor market. This initiative has achieved a constrictive breakthrough in medical awareness and created a wave of interaction among professionals and specialists.

These educational opportunities have been well received and appreciated by the DRF team of staff. All DRF projects require dedicated and well-trained staff in order to function optimally. Between quality staff and generous donors, DRF is able to achieve the goal of delivering hope, education, and support services.

DRF welcomes any profession and specialties to volunteer and lecture our team.

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