Greeting Cards

10 Beautiful greeting cards drawn by Orphans for sale for $10 only. To order please call (559)322-4852, or pay through and email to send you the package. Please add $2 for shipment fees  

Dreams of Protecting Orphans and Victims of Terrorism

Although Baraq Ali Ubaid is young, she has suffered a lot of trauma and hardship in her life. Her father was a truck driver that was killed by terrorists. Four months later, the grandfather caring for her was killed.

DRF Partnership Brings Light to the Marshlands

In collaboration with the Lady Fatemah (A.S) Charitable Trust (LFCT) Foundation, a non-profit, faith-based humanitarian NGO in the United Kingdom, DRF distributed around 800 solar lights along with their panels and accessories to the local inhabitants in the southern marshlands.

Finding Compassion at DRF’s Orphan School

I am a seventh grader at DRF’s intermediate school. My name is Montathar Abed al-Rassol. My family and I lived in Diyalla, where my father worked and owned a shop. When I was child, I would spend a lot of time at his store.

Refugee Assistance

Over 1.2 million Iraqis have been displaced. They have fled their homes with little to no possessions. Many have settle south of Baghdad. Thanks to its generous donors, Development and Relief Foundation has been able to provide some food, bedding, and most recently water, ice and thermoses.